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The Week That Was

March 8, 2019 9:29 am Published by

So this week has been full of ups and downs.

We started this week with an intensive training summit run by FACC learning about the current state of the environment, what is being done, what could be done and where it is heading. Such great people with a massive knowledge base behind them. We heard many great speakers while there. From Meteorologists, climate change experts to wine makers.

Unfortunately though, my time was cut short. Having to rush home for a close family friend in need. Closely followed up by a health scare from within our family, Mel was rushed to hospital. As the week quickly spiralled into it’s state of craziness, my littlest big girl went and decided to go and turn 6 on me! Happy Birthday Sophia!!!  With everything that was already going on, I have also been told that my Great Uncle had passed. Sigh…….

In life I have come to find “if it doesn’t rain, it pours”. But the thing I love most about life, is that if you are able to keep your head up, with the help of friends and family life returns back to normal. A personal mantra of mind “perseverance is the key”. It is not always clear where your silver lining may be, but I can assure you of 1 thing. If you don’t look you will never find it!

Bees really have hard wired this into me over the years. Watching hives go though so many fluctuations of conditions throughout the season, and just keeping their heads down they push through. They have this way about them, no matter what is going on, they push. The beauty behind what they do is by holding on and pushing through, they give themselves every single chance they can to thrive. Taking advantage of every opportunity to make the most of it. And that is what I plan to do.

I can’t wait to team up further with FACC, to help educate farmers about our little flying mates. Our friend is also doing a lot better with her tribe around her. But most importantly, I have my Mel back home safe and well. Time for this week to be done, now for the weekend to recharge our batteries ready for yet another week full of fun filled adventures.

R.I.P Uncle Watty – Thank-you for everything you tried to teach me as a young lad. Love always



(A very young Sam on the family farm)

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