“Love this blend of honey. it’s light, smooth but has plenty of flavour. We have been buying now for a year and would never go back to buying supermarket brands again”

-Elizabeth Brown

“Friendly service and amazing products of great quality. The honey taste fantastic  A+”

-Stacey Lagana

“Great product from the local family with a passion for their craft. The difference between Sam and Mel’s fresh honey and what I was getting from supermarket is huge. My family loves it soo much I’ve been buying the value 1kg pack. Who were we trying to kid with the smaller jar? Thanks Heaps!”

-Danny King

“I first met Sam Lamanna-lilley last September and we got talking about bees. Sam knew I was just starting  out and through his guidance i got my first  Nuc and my bee journey began .
I had confidence in checking  my hive but l always  worried if l was missing something so l asked Sam if he would be my mentor. I would check my hive week one and then get Sam week two and we would go over my findings  or he would point out things I should see etc.
Sam has been wonderful, he puts up with my constant messages and questions  and never makes me feel like I am a nuisance. I have learnt so much and am still learning. Having a mentor is a great  way to gain reassurance  and also to learn more from someone who has vast  experience.
Thank you so much honey source for your help and guidance.”

-Sandi Le Busque