About Us


I started beekeeping 6 years ago when my two young daughters love and need for honey became insatiable. I would often joke with them “you kids are going to send daddy poor with your honey habit”. Deciding the cheaper option was to purchase my first hive and make our own never-ending supply of honey. That one hive quickly ignited a passion for bees, and started me on my current career path as a full time Apiarist.

In 2017, Honey Source was born when someone believed in me and the vision that I was trying to create. Mel saw my passion and drive and together we created the business as it stands today. My dream has now turned into OUR reality. Today we manage 130 hives and this number continues to grow. We hope by the end of this season to be managing over 300 of our own hives. Also helping to grow other clients Apiary’s as well.

Beekeeping has provided me with opportunity to meet countless people. Be it through my mentoring / consultancy, networking with farmers, working with and learning from my peers locally and worldwide. I love my job, I love my office and of course I love my co-workers (the Bees).


2 years ago if anyone had of told me what I would be doing today I would have laughed “Bees sting” “Bees are nasty pests”…why anyone would want to work with them was beyond me.
Fast forward to today… Sam has taught me the importance of Bees to this world and human existence. He has shown me that there are such things, as “gentle bees”. He has sparked a passion I never knew existed. I actually like working outside and have found my Zen when I spend time with our Bees. The creation of Honey Source has been amazing. I am excited for its future and look forward to developing and growing our customer base and products.